Innovative Security Defense Equipment, a manufacturer and importer based in France, is now offering FLEM projectiles for your shotgun.

FLEM, not phlegm, is a less lethal projectile that is designed to lower the risk of great bodily injury or death to the individual on the receiving end of it. According to the company, the FLEM has a larger contact area than traditional impact munition. This larger impact area spreads the force out when it strikes the subject and has less penetration capability and reduced risk for serious bodily harm.

FLEM is designed to be launched from a 12 gauge shotgun and comes in a 2 ¾” shell. When it is fired from the shotgun, it exits the barrel and rotates 90˚ so that the widest area of the projectile will hit the target. Innovative Security Defense Equipment states the proper use range is 5 meters through 20 meters. Closer than 5 meters increases the likelihood of great bodily injury or death.

Innovative Security Defense Equipment states the company will also offer 40mm FLEM projectile. While many law enforcement agencies employ 37mm and 40mm launchers, so do military units. Although completely different, the FLEM certainly seems to be less likely to kill than the “less lethal” Ruger 10-22 and SR-22 rifles currently employed by the IDF.

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